Walk Templates

Wednesday November 23rd: Cannon Street Circle
Pagan temple, the mayor’s residence, coffee in the 1600s, some boring stuff about the underground.
A short one hour walk

Wednesday November 23rd: Tallow and Garlick
The mysteries of Swan Upping, a City ghost and what links the aviation industry and a 15th century guild.

A short one hour walk

Friday November 18th: Barbican
What does ‘brutalist’ actually mean? What antiquities lurk in the City’s largest residential complex?

Barts and Bailey


Guildhall & Cheapside

Docklands North Bank 

Friday September 2nd, 11:00. Great Fire Anniversary

Sunday September 25th: annual Sheep Drive & Livery Fair where freemen of the City exercise their ancient right to drive sheep across London Bridge. From 10-4.

Friday September 30th: Barbican

Thursday 29th SeptemberPostmans’ Park Crime and Punishment walk – not one of mine but by my friend Ian Fagelson. The tales of a Post Office scandal. Tickets and details via Eventbrite.

Saturday October 8th: free tours for  Local London Guiding Day 

Sunday October 9th: Bishopsgate 

Wednesday October 12th: Cannon Street Circle and Ludgate Loop  (short walks of just one hour)

Wednesday November 9th: Ludgate Loop
St Paul’s cathedral, printing and publishing, a clairvoyant cat and have you ever pondered the origins of the Elephant and Castle?
A short one hour walk