Your Guide

Outside the Old Bailey

Andy Ellis is an amateur historian with a particular interest in the City and Docklands.

His father, Roy Ellis, worked in Lombard Street in the 1970s. During his lunch-breaks he studied the area and devised his own Walks on which he’d take friends and colleagues.


Andy is now following, sometimes literally, in his footsteps.

Most of the City Walks are based on Roy’s original walks but have been researched further and more places added – including, of course, some that didn’t exist 50 years ago!

Andy is just completing the 2021-2022 City Of London Guiding course leading to the coveted Green Badge and will hopefully be entering the ranks of the Official City of London Guides.

When not pointing at things in the City and Docks, Andy runs A222 Computer Solutions and, more importantly, dances with the North Wood Morris Men.